Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities

It’s Your Shift:  Sexual Violence & Harassment Intervention Training for the Hospitality Sector

Training to Address Human Trafficking

Training for Law students

There is No Honour in Violence: Meeting the Needs of “Honour” Related Violence and Forced Marriage Survivors in the Canadian Context

Ontario Network of Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Treatment Centres



Rape myths have no place in Canadian courtrooms

How these 3 women are helping survivors they say are left behind by campus sex assault policies

Unfounded – Why police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless

‘It’s about safety, it’s about humanity’: What the #MeToo movement means to men

Justice looks different for each victim of sexual assault, experts say at Ontario Universities Taking Action Against Sexual Violence Conference

Mandatory campus sexual assault policies set for fall rollout

Out In The Open explores how to navigate sexual consent



Developing a Response to Sexual Violence: A Resource Guide For Ontario’s Colleges and Universities

Overcoming Barriers and Enhancing Supportive Responses: The Research on Sexual Violence Against Women. A Resource Document

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment: Issue 13 VAW Learning Network

Three-in-ten Canadians say they’ve been sexually harassed at work, but very few have reported this to their employers

Barriers to Reporting Sexual Harassment

BREAKING Free BREAKING Through: an arts-based research project to examine violence against Aboriginal women

Cyber Misogyny

A social ecological approach to understanding correlates of lifetime sexual assault among sexual minority women in Toronto, Canada

Walking Together: Ontario’s Long-Term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act. Ontario Regulation 131/16. Sexual Violence at Colleges And Universities

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence: Pursuing a Claim at The Human Rights Tribunal Of Ontario

Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Post Secondary Student Mental Health: Guide to a Systemic Approach, Canadian Association of College & University Student Services and Canadian Mental Health Association 2013

Building healthy campus communities: The adaptation of a workplace tool to understand better student wellbeing within higher education settings

Creating Opportunities in Education for Aboriginal Students

SFU Health Promotion Well-being in Learning Environments Rationale

Mental health and well-being in post-secondary education settings: A literature and environmental scan to support planning and action in Canada. Canadian Association of College and Universities Student Services (CACUSS)

Canada’s Universities in the World AUCC Internationalization Survey

Sexual Violence on Campus, Canadian Federation of Students/Ontario

The Challenge to Create a Safer Learning Environment for Youth

“But Is It Education?” The Challenge of Creating Effective Learning for Survivors of Trauma

Barriers to Education for the Marginalized Adult Learner

Developing a Response to Sexual Violence: A Resource Guide For Ontario’s Colleges and Universities

A campus LGBTQ community’s sexual violence and stalking experiences: the contribution of  pro-abuse peer support

Issue Brief: Sexual Violence Against Women in Canada

Native Women’s Association of Canada, Violence Against Aboriginal Women

Elizabeth Sheehy, ed, Sexual Assault in Canada Law, Legal Practice and Women’s Activism, University of Ottawa Press, 2012

The Story of Jane Doe: A Book About Rape, Second Story Press, Toronto, 2004


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